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Schuhbell Orthotic Service provide a high standard of care and quality custom-made orthotics for individuals who have foot problems or have a specific foot condition that requires customized shoes.


What are custom made orthotics (insoles) ?

Orthoses are a therapeutic device that are applied direct and externally to the person's foot.  Orthotics allow correction of an anatomical deformity and correction of alignment. They are suitable for any age from very young children, adults and the elderly.

How is it different to over-the-counter orthotics ?

One of the main differences between custom-made and over-the-counter orthotics is the level of correction that can be achieved.  Quite often pre-made orthotics arch height and angle of correction is not sufficient to provide significant relief of presenting symptoms.


Why choose us ?

Interestingly, Podiatry and specialist foot care are still not widely recognized in Japan compared to other countries. 

The majority of foot orthotics which are dispensed in modern clinics are imported from overseas, from countries such as the USA and Australia.  Many of these imported orthotics are pre-made, meaning they are not specifically customised to the patients foot.  Nowadays, due to reliance on “over-the-counter” orthotics, health practitioners have limited knowledge and skills to adjust orthotics.  We assess individual's feet by taking the time to complete a full patient history and thorough examination to identify the necessary components that are crucial to determine the correct angle, alignment and modifications of the orthotics.  We then custom-make the orthotics at our lab, carefully selecting the appropriate materials, density and modifications to meet patient needs.  Our after-care includes any necessary adjustments required.


Can you use the custom made orthotics in any types of footwear?

Certainly. You can wear the orthotics with your casual shoes, business shoes, sports shoes, boots (e.g. Ski boots) and heels at any time to provide comfort and support to your feet.


​History taking

​Prior to foot assessment history asking patients history is crucial to determine what caused the problem

Full depth assessment and evaluation of the lower limb

​Foot assessment, biomechanical assessment and gait analysis will be examined. These assessments will provide necessary information to detect pathomechanical anomalies

​Diagnosis & treatment

​Explanation of the result that we obtained from foot assessment and come up with definitive diagnosis and differential diagnosis

3D Foot Scanning

​We use 3D Foot Scanning device to capture accurate foot model without using any plaster casts

​Orthotic manufacture

​Discussion of custom made orthotics with the patients depending on types of footwear they want wear. Education of current footwear is also important.

​Orthotic fitting, review & adjustments

​We will do the fitting and review about the orthotics. Any modification or adjustments can be done on the spot to provide comfort and support

Video Tutorials 
Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics of foot motion


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