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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Do I need a referral from GP ?

No. You can make an appointment the same way you do with your GP. Please call or email us the time and the date you wish to make an appointment.

 02  International private health fund cover the fees ?

You need to contact your international private health fund to find out about your personal entitlements to orthotic fees. Some private health funds do cover orthotics (podiatry service) but it will depend on your level of cover as to whether you are eligible to claim for these services.  

 03  Can medicare (Japan) cover consultation fees ?

Consultation fees will NOT be covered by the medicare in Japan. However for orthotic fees, there are some circumstance where Japanese National Health Insurance and/or Employee's Insurance may cover the percentage of the orthotic payments.​ If you have seen your orthopedic surgeon in Japan and have been diagnosed as having a medical foot problem, you may be eligible to claim. For further enquires please call us.


 04  Do you have disabled or wheelchair access ?

Yes. We also have car space available for parking in front of the clinic. Please let us know if your visiting us by car.

 05  Can you adjust or modify the orthotics after certain period? 

Yes. We will do any adjustment and modification of the orthotics that we have provided until your are satisfied. Please keep in mind that other factors can influence your treatment / healing period. Orthotic is a therapeutic device that will support and assist with your foot symptoms to better condition. 

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