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Yoshi Suzuki

Principal Pedorthist


Yoshi Suzuki is the Principal ABC and BOC Board Certified Pedorthist at Schuhbell Footcare Center.  Yoshi is a fully qualified Pedorthist registered with American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics(ABC) and The board of Certification/Accreditation(BOC). 


Yoshi developed a keen interest in biomechanics focussing on gait analysis, orthotic prescription, orthotic manufacture and sports injuries and rehabilitation. 


Yoshi is the first board certified Pedorthist in Japan since 1999.  With his practice in Pedorthics, Yoshi uses his specialised knowledge and experience to perform in-depth biomechanical examinations to treat a broad spectrum of common foot disorders and lower limb complications.

​Tel: 03-3370-2440

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